Youth & Community

At different points in history and in different parts of the world, people have developed methods of performance that incorporate music, movement, and language. By studying the wide variety of theatrical and performance techniques and traditions that have developed over the course of human history, we have the power to unearth a layer of universal human experience. By developing our physical awareness through dance and our language skills through theatrical expression we create the tools to build a community of healthy, self-aware, and self-expressive individuals. 

New Perspectives Theatre Company has been offering award-winning multicultural theatre and arts in education programs to NYC audiences and school students for the past 20 years. All of NPTC's educational programs provide standards-based arts instruction and are grounded in professionally sound and academically rigorous methodologies. Each program addresses the four NYS Learning Standards for the Arts at multiple levels as well as the Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in the Arts: Theatre

Our programs also emphasize the development of literacy skills and therefore address many of the English Language Arts standards. Our multi-racial ensemble strengthens our work with the school population—artists from students' own backgrounds serve as positive role models, and exposure to diverse artists working together in a professional, respectful environment helps young people develop new skills for communication and collaboration.



The use of performance techniques as tools for education stimulates all three modes of learning: oral, visual, and kinesthetic. It also supports overall academic achievement and eventual economic development by reinforcing the following essential skills: 

  • language acquisition

  • mental and physical discipline

  • critical thinking

  • self-esteem

  • teamwork (social participation)