Professional Programs

The artistic work of NPTC is text-based, incorporating an historical and socio-political perspective for new plays and the classics. It is audience-focused and interactive, intended to have an emotional, intellectual and behavioral impact on the people we serve, who are predominantly non-traditional audiences. And we emphasize the craft of theatre—insisting on a high quality standard and providing training and development support to artists to help them achieve that standard. 


Women’s Work Project

Since its creation in 1994, NPTC Women’s Work Project has had the goal of not only helping to develop specific plays, but to support residents’ growth as accomplished and skilled playwrights—to give writers added tools in the practice of their craft and to strengthen their individual voices. Our focus has always been on bringing scripts to production quality. 


On Her Shoulders

On Her Shoulders was founded in 2013 to present rehearsed, staged readings of plays by women from across the spectrum of time, with contemporary dramaturgs contextualizing them for modern audiences. The program was incorporated into New Perspectives' Women's Work Project in 2014 and continues to strive to make it impossible for producers and theatre companies to deny or ignore the 1,000-year history and value of women's contribution to the theatrical canon. To date the program has presented 47 plays by 37 writers from circa 965 to 1970.


Voices From the Edge

The Voices From The Edge festival started as a creative outlet, inviting African-American artists to present existing works that had been performed in non-theatre settings. NPTC wanted to give them access to a larger audience; more importantly, we believed that the general public needed to see the work. Some of it was raw, some more polished, but it all fulfilled our vision of what theatre is about—to educate and enlighten as well as entertain—to move audiences on a visceral level and challenge them to become agents for change.


Shakespeare Bootcamp


New Perspectives has received critical and popular acclaim for its innovative Shakespeare productions for the past 16 years, and has developed a distinctive performance approach that is notable for immediacy of action and accessibility to audiences of all ages and from all backgrounds. By popular demand, we are offering a 4-week workshop program for performers at all levels—from beginners to long-time professionals who want to conquer their fear of Shakespeare or strengthen their skills and audition repertoire. 


Theatre Is Served

Theatre is Served brings a new perspective to a long-standing tradition: the marriage of entertainment and eating. From the ancient Greeks to the Moulin Rouge to the drive-in, food and drink have been integral components in our story-telling rituals. New Perspectives Theatre Company honors this tradition while updating it for our modern world, presenting plays from across the theatre history and cultural spectrum whose inherent theatricality and socio-political themes still ring true today. 


Actor Apprentice Program

The Actor Apprentice Program is a year-long professional training and performance program with our 26-year old, award-winning theatre company. Apprentices learn from veteran teachers, Melody Brooks, Mari Lyn, and Ray Rodriguez, about how to be working actors in a rigorous and ensemble-oriented environment at an affordable price. "We are not teaching you how to ACT, but how to WORK!"


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