Dramatiques Workshop Program


In 1993, New Perspectives created an intensive workshop program that would bring young people directly into the theatre space to create their own performance projects. In small groups of 15-25, children learn and use a variety of theatre techniques and directed writing exercises that help them to identify important issues and themes in their lives, and translate these into dramatic scenes, monologues or short plays based on their personal experiences and interests.

An important component of the program is childen's ability to take ownership of the entire project and to present it to their families and peers in a professional setting, which improves their self-confidence, self-esteem, and interpersonal skills. Depending upon the ages of the youth involved, the program also incorporates an introduction to production and design requirements, and participants receive hands-on experience in producing their own pieces.

ALL DRAMATIQUES PROGRAMS ARE CREATED SPECIFICALLY FOR THE POPULATION SERVED.  We can design a range of workshops according to school needs, budget limitations, and educational goals of particular curricula. 


Current Offerings

Project Classics

A collaboration with Classical Theatre of Harlem, this program served young people ages 12-18 living in public housing projects in Harlem. In 2010 students created GRANT HOUSE BOOGIE!, a celebration of their neighbors. In 2011 students worked with "The Sonnet Man", teaching artist Devon Glover who uses the Hip Hop writing and performance to make Shakespeare accessible and fun!


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