The Woman Hater

by: Fraces Burney
In association with
The School of Drama at the New School

Producer: Melissa Attebery
Producer: Melody Brooks
Associate Producer: Kristin Heckler

Director: India Marie Paul
Dramaturg: Melody Brooks


Lauren E. Johnston
Chris Damen
Christopher Costa
Ezioma Rosaline
Marjorie Johnson


The Woman Hater is best characterized as a sentimental comedy, but it contains elements of several other genres including gothic drama, farce and comedy of manners. The play shares many stylistic similarities with the satirical comedy, The Witlings, as well as plot similarities with her acclaimed novel, Evelina. Lady Smatter, the pretentious woman whose constant misquoting of famous authors is the source of much of the play’s humor, is a caricature of the intellectual women of the day.