The Suffragists

Three Short Plays by: Mrs. Harlow Phibbs, Beatrice Harraden, Cicely Hailton, and Christopher St. John
In association with
The School of Drama at the New School

Dramaturg: Barbara Cohen Stratyner, Ph.D.

Director: Melissa Attebery
Assistant Director: Kristin Heckler


Zoe Anastassiou
Kelsey Foltz
Ratnesh Dubey
JoAnna Rhinehart
Jes Bedwinek


In the years of the Actress Franchise League performances, 1909-1911, attaining Suffrage equal to men seemed possible. The various leagues and committees focused on working within the system, gaining support with members of the 3 major parties for incremental changes to property, custody and voting laws. but, this strategy failed and the cause became more and more segmented. The Actress Franchise League maintained neutrality but the optimism of the 1909-1911 plays faded. These plays are well constructed with opportunities for performers to make an impact with only a few lines.