10th Annual Women's Work Short Play Festival

Monday, August 6 to Saturday, August 11, 2018


Lori Kee, Jen Williams, Mary Hodges, Michele O'Brien, Sara Berg, Melody Brooks


Alison Lowenstein, Baindu D. Kalokoh, Rachel Schroeder, MJ Perrin, Lynn Marie Macy, Jane Denitz Smith

Production Team

Lighting Designer: Bruce A. Kraemer

Sound Consultant: Olivia Difulco

Producing Associate: Olivia Lesley

Asst Stage Mgr Program B: Olivia Difulco

Production Designer: Meganne George

Costume Design Consultant: Sarah Zinn

Production Stage Manager: Olivia Lesley

Asst Stage Mgr Program A: Angelina Hunt


Emily Batsford, Jes Bedwinek, Sara Berg, Nadia Brown, Melissa Canaday, Nikki Chawla, Ginnine Cocuzza, Daniel Colon, Hritu Deepak, André Dell, Kathleen Doran, Kyvon C. Edwin, Lisa Ferraro, Catherine Frels, Amy Fulgham, Laura E. Johnston, Archa Joshi, Leopold Lowe,  Marshall Mays, Quentin Moore, Meera Narasimhan, Daniel Neusom,  Tomike Ogugua, Sandra Parris, Travis Raeburn, Mary Sheridan,  Alyssa Simon, Amber Reauchean Williams 

Program B

Stepping Through Blood

by MJ Perrin
directed by Michele O’Brien

We all need to stand for something, but where are the boundaries between self and community? How do we draw the line, and what pushes us to cross it? "Bold", a young African American lesbian, is about to find out if she can live up to her name.

The Color of Vengeance

by Lynn Marie Macy
directed by Sara Berg

Pink is for girls, or so they say. The Gulabi Gang agrees, but sugar and spice are not ingredients in their recipe for empowerment and justice. It’s going to take a Global village to raise the right kind of ruckus for women’s rights.

Our Lady of Broad Street

by Jane Denitz Smith
directed by Melody Brooks

The restoration of an historic New York hotel may have driven Alice through the looking glass when she encounters a mysterious phenomenon. Checking in, perhaps for an indeterminate stay on the eve of the grand re-opening: The Virgin of Guadalupe.

Program A

Waiting Room

by Alison Lowenstein
directed by Lori Kee

We've come a long way baby, but assumptions about woman's role as primary care giver hasn't changed in millennia. In this farcical account of one mother's experience at the pediatrician's office, Lowenstein finds a new remedy for an old complaint.

Revolution’s Smite

by Baindu D. Kalokoh
directed by Melody Brooks

The political is personal and Kiongozi has learned the hard way. Released after 23 years in prison, he is ready to break bread with his old comrades but not for a trip down memory lane.Finally telling the truth may indeed be the group’s most revolutionary act.

The Last Daughter

by Rachel Schroeder
directed by Mary Hodges

Do women really become their mothers, then rinse and repeat? Or is there a greater maternal energy available to break the cycle of a family legacy that asks for too much. Sometimes being last can be divine.