The Office

by: Maria Irene Fornés
In association with
The School of Drama at the New School

Dramaturg: Morgan Jenness

Director: Alice Reagan
Assistant Director: Kristin Heckler


India Choquette
Brennan Lowery
Valerie Lonigro
Melody Gray
Peter Judd


The Office takes place around Christmastime in the offices of Hinch, Inc., a shipping company in sharp decline since the recent death of its founder. The action centers on the bumbling, neurotic office manager Albert Pfancoo, who hopes to lead the business back to prosperity. He is beleaguered by three comic female figures: Princess, Hinch’s pump, sensuous widow; Miss Punk, a strait-laced spinster secretary who refuses to be fired; and Shirley Bisbee, the misfit girl-Friday he wants to hire in her stead. The comedy takes a strange, magical turn when it turns out that a Portrait of the late, lamented George Hinch can talk and soon confesses love for Shirley.