Mikaela Lynn Johnson, Artistic Associate

Mikaela Lynn Johnson staff photo.jpeg

MIKAELA LYNN JOHNSON received her M.F.A from The New School for Drama in the spring of 2009, and immediately joined the NPTC Companie of Actors. She performed in the inaugural Theater Is Served presentation of Lysistrata, and subsequently appeared in The Convent of Pleasure, Good Morning Miss Millie, and La Mandragola—in concert readings of plays from across the spectrum of Theatre History. Mikaela was part of the acclaimed ensemble for NPTC’s Hamlet, and has performed in four festivals of one acts by the playwrights in NPTC's Women's Work LAB.  From the beginning of Mikaela’s tenure at NPTC, she has been a valuable member of the teaching artist team, performing for the World Voices Series for youth and family audiences in The Wild Boy: A Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) Tale, The Adventures of Rubbish in the Hood and multiple pieces in our Shakesepare Made Simple series. In 2011 she was a regular teaching artist at The School for Classics, NPTC’s residency program in East New York, Brooklyn.  Mikaela worked with students performing in Shakespeare productions, mentoring them in the text and performance skills. Currently she is assistant managing NPTC's World Voices Program (2014) and works additionally as a personal trainer and massage therapist.