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New Perspectives Theatre Company's ON HER SHOULDERS program

in association with The New School for Drama


How Far Have We Come?
In an historic election year, On Her Shoulders offers two short Duologues that let us look back on a century of "progress" for women.

Shattered Nerves by Harriet Louisa Childe-Pemberton (1899)
Miss Appleyard's Awakening by Evelyn Glover (1911)

An Anti-Suffrage Monologue by Marie Jenney Howe (1913)

Director/Dramaturg: Melody Brooks

with: Zoe Anastassiou, Cynthia Bastidas, Mari Lyn Henry,

Mikaela Lynn Johnson

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

6:30pm to 8:30pm; Admission by Donation

Doors open at 6:30pm. The Play in Context Introduction which situates the script in its historical time and place, begins 6:45pm followed immediately by the staged reading. Running time, including a post-performance Q&A is approximately 75 minutes. Refreshments will be served for the Q&A.

The performance is at New Perspectives Studio, 458 West 37 St at 10th Avenue. R.S.V.P. to

HARRIET LOUISA CHILDE-PEMBERTON (c1853-1922) was an English author best known for her modernized fairy tales and children's books promoting Christian ideals. Hers was a prolific output, with books, poems, plays and literary criticism published between 1873 and 1911. Shattered Nerves is part of a collection Twenty Minutes!: Drawing Room Duologues, published c1900. The volume contains seven duologues and two monologues, all serving to address some aspect of modern life that Ms. Childe-Pemberton feels need correcting. Yet even with her moralizing, she offers a surprising view of modern womanhood, particularly with the inclusion of a female MD offering common sense "therapy" in Shattered Nerves.

EVELYN GLOVER (c1874-c1941) began her writing career by contributing several comic, polemical sketches to the suffrage cause in England. These one-act plays seek to demonstrate the relevance of the suffrage movement to working-class women. During the First World War one of her short plays, A Bit of Blighty, became popular entertainment for the troops. Her only full-length drama, Time to Wake Up, was produced in 1919. She also wrote pieces for a children's program on BBC radio. Miss Appleyard’s Awakening was first performed at the Rehearsal Theatre, London, on June 20, 1911. In this short play, Mrs. Crabtree visits a fellow anti-suffragist and manages, through her views that "a man is a man and a woman is a woman", to convert Miss Appleyard―but not in the way she intended!

MARIE JENNEY HOWE (1870-1934) wrote her Antisuffrage Monologue for the drama group of the New York Woman’s Suffrage Party. In it, she parodied anti-suffragist arguments that relied on stereotypes of female dependence, irrationality, and delicacy even as they also warned that women voters would exert too much power. Howe, a Unitarian minister, later founded Heterodoxy, a group of women intellectuals and radicals in New York City’s Greenwich Village.

ON HER SHOULDERS was founded in 2012 to present rehearsed, staged readings of plays by women from across the spectrum of time, with contemporary dramaturgs contextualizing--and in some cases adapting--them for modern audiences. The program seeks to make it impossible to deny or ignore the 1,000-year great tradition and value of women's contribution to the theatrical canon. OHS became a program of NPTC in August 2013 and is currently produced by Melissa Attebery and Melody Brooks.


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The Play in Context, the dramaturgical and scholarly presentation component to the program, is sponsored in part by the League of Professional Theatre Women, a non-profit organization promoting visibility and increasing opportunities for women in theatre since 1982.



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