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UNHINGED: Women's Work Short Play Festival

NOTE: as of 1:00pm Saturday, we are no longer accepting Online Ticket Purchases. You may try in person at the box office.

Women's Work Short Play Festival

6 Short Plays from the Women's Work LAB

Monday, August 7 to Saturday August 12, 2017

with plays by Kendra Augustin, Rae Binstock, Cayenne Douglass, Holly Hepp-Galvan, Cara Hall, Alisa Zhulina

Directed by Melody Brooks, Mary Hodges, Alex Keegan, Mary McGinley, Melissa Skirboll

With: Tonia Anderson*, B. Bastian, Jeanine Bartel*, Ephraim Birney*, Linda Blackstock, Monica Blaze-Leavitt*, Patricia Cancio, Rachel Collins, Jes Davis, Evander Duck, Jr.*, Shino Frances, Vanessa Franzen*, Lindsay Garber, Helen Herbert*, Mikaela Lynn Johnson, Russell Jordan*, Tate Kenney, Melissa Murray*, Yvette Quintero, Ambika Raina, Kelsey Rodriguez, Savion Smith, Viet Vo*


Celebrating 10 Years of the Short Play LAB developing new works from scratch, based on a theme, and then putting the scripts on their feet—all within 6 months!

At New Perspectives Studio, 458 West 37th Street (10th Avenue)

Tickets: $20/$15 Srs & Students w/ID; TDF Accepted for 4:00pm matinees

BUY A FESTIVAL PASS! for $30 and see Everything!

Information/Reservations: OR  212-630-9945.

Seating is Extremely Limited

To guarantee your seat, purchase a ticket TODAY



August 7, 9, 11 @4:00pm

August 8, 10 @ 8:00pm

Saturday, August 12 @ 5:00pm


                                       PROGRAM B

                         August 7, 9, 11 @8:00pm

                           August 8, 10 @ 4:00pm

                    Saturday, August 12 @ 2:00pm


Doors of Perception

by Cara Hall

directed by Melissa Skirboll

We think we know this familiar tale of hubris gone horribly wrong, but it all depends on the lens through which we are looking. .

The Call of the Void

by Kendra Augustin

directed by Mary McGinley

A brother and sister meet for the first time after the violent death of their father—at her hands. Domestic abuse has many layers of collateral damage.

Daughters of the Evolution

by Rae Binstock

directed by Melody Brooks

A rowdy group of American women come together across time, space and culture to ask the  political question of today: "what DO women want"?

by Alisa Zhulina

directed by Alex Keegan

What's really going on in this express journey to NYC roommate hell fueled by outsized artistic ambition.

Sex With Robots

by Holly Hepp-Galván

directed by Mary Hodges

A boy, a sex toy, and a greedy Mom…what could possibly go wrong? This android was never dreamed of by the Jetsons. The future is already here!

Oh My, Goodness

by Cayenne Douglass

directed by Mary McGinley

One small act of kindness leads to a big transformation for a woman who has reached the end of the road. Inspired by a real event.


Production Designer: Meganne George    

Production Stage Manager: Carolina Arboleda
Assistant Stage Managers: Olivia DiFulco and Olivia Lesley