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JIHAD...never out of style!

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Donations large and small will make all the difference in our ability to reach Off Broadway in our 26th Year!

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JIHAD is written by Ann Chamberlin
directed by Melody Brooks
production design by Meganne George

costumes by Peter Fogel


In an imagined meeting between Richard the Lionheart and Saladin, leader of the Islamic forces during the Crusades of 1192, playwright Ann Chamberlin conjures a mysterious woman who may be mother, wife, lover or perhaps a more elemental and divine SHE.

"Chamberlin's text is an exquisite piece of writing - seriously funny, mystical, and poetic, and with a logical, dramatic thrust that moves both the story and its underlying themes forward with clearsighted precision. And under Melody Brooks' superb direction, the production unfolded with the explosive energy of an ever-changing fireworks display. As a piece of theatre, it was a fascinating and rewarding evening; as a production it could stand as a signature piece for New Perspectives. Doug DeVita, OOB Review

Winner of the 1996 OOBR Award for Best Play, JIHAD reappeared to rave reviews at the Midtown International Theatre Festival in 2000, and has just returned from the Women on Stage for Peace Festival in Bogota, Colombia.


Our dear friend from the League of Professional Theatre Women has started a fund with a $1000 donation to inspire others to match her gift so that we can be assured of reaching our goal with JIHAD. All donors at the $1,000 level will reeceive special credit and a number of other perks for getting in on the ground floor (tickets, trinkets and parties!)