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The PlayGround at NPT:  GhostLight

ghost light:  a single worklight, a bare bulb on a stand left lighted on stage when everybody has gone home, for safety…the light left on in a dark theatre to assure the spirits that they have not been abandoned.


New Perspectives has welcomed theater company GhostLight into the New Play Development Program. Founded in 1997, GhostLight's mission is to create original work that explores the unseen and indefinable aspects of human experiences while finding ways to involve the audience more fully in that work. Now a part of NPT, GhostLight will become the vehicle through which orginal, improvisationally developed work will be created for the New Play Development Program.


GhostLight creates idea-driven, ensemble-built work that investigates the ambiguities and mysteries in human experience.  Each play is a Question made manifest, an anthropological Experiment for the theatre, and a live ritual event whereby the community gathers to concentrate, celebrate, and invent. 



Founded by Ariel Nazryan and JJ McArdle, GhostLight’s inaugural production was The Excommunicated Call for a Vote: A Service for the Skeptical for which the homeless company rented an intimate blackbox theatre from a place called New Perspectives Theatre Company.  Now at home at New Perspectives in The PlayGround, GhostLight has authored five original full-length works, including The L-Curse and The Calendar Project.

We will be starting work this season on Reparations, a theatrical series in three parts. In (working titles) Reparations: The Exchequer, GhostLight will ask whether financial reparations for US tragedies are possible, and if so, who owes what to whom and why, and if not, then what? In Reparations: The Big Lie , we'll play liberal revisionists, asking what the future would be like if we erased all signs of past victimization, and in Reparations: Part Three , we'll go to pre-history to ask how human beings came to be afraid of difference. GhostLight builds new work with a process of research and improvisation. We will be hosting open discussion forums in the months to come, gathering research, stories, characters, and questions from the New Perspectives' community to use in creating Reparations . We hope that you will take as active a role as possible in helping to build this new work. Please join us for the first community workshop on Saturday, August 27, 2005, from 12-3pm.